Born in Budapest, Hungary Czibi has lived in London since 2010 collaboration and contributing to the capital’s art scene as a matter of course. He started painting in the early 90s studying and working at the Open Studio Art Foundation of Városliget in Budapest. He still contributes to studio’s output.In 2004 I travelled to Greece for inspiration working briefly in Athens and Crete before returnin to Central Europe for his first solo-exhibition at the Goethe Institute.

He says: “As Roma painter I come with a ‘different approach’, my background to some extent influences my thoughts on life, culture and outlook – something I hope is reflected in my work.

My art is summed up with the following analogy: “There are precious stones refined in a jeweller’s workshop and others, polished by forces of nature. I feel that my way is the latter. I believe in autodidactism.”

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